Terms and Conditions

Basic conditions
terms are used in all relations between RELEVO Digital and the customer (the customer is the company that has signed an agreement with RELEVO Digital - hereinafter referred to as the Customer). Deviations from these conditions can only be made in writing and recognized only if they have been approved in writing by both parties. RELEVO Digital only enters into agreements to supply "products" to traders (trade agreements). If an agreement is entered into by mistake between RELEVO Digital and a consumer, it is neither valid nor binding on RELEVO Digital.


RELEVO Digital and the customer's agreement are always indicated by both partners having signed the contract. The contract does not enter into force until it has been signed by both parties. Should there be any. additional purchases following the conclusion of an agreement, a separate agreement will be drawn up which will in no way influence or affect the individual contract. A separate contract will be assumed between RELEVO Digital and the customer. All conditions include products and services performed by RELEVO Digital and therefore do not apply to products provided by a third party. This can i.a. be services from Shipmondo, PensoPay, Viabill, Google Adwords, Facebook, MobilePay, etc., plugins or themes used by third parties or services provided by a partner. Only the delivery and installation of the product will be taken, if the service is sold as a supplement. By entering into an agreement, you as a customer consent to RELVEO Digital being allowed to promote you as a customer on RELEVO Digital's website and social media. We will never release confidential information about our clients to the public without the consent of our clients.


All websites and / or webshops developed by RELEVO Digital pursue an internal process, from the beginning to the delivery of the final product. The handed out "Need document" must in good faith reflect on references and content of materials that will be prepared. The customer will have the opportunity to discuss and adjust the content of the contract before signing. If the customer wishes to hand over materials, we anticipate that sent material will comply with our guidelines and copyrights. RELEVO Digital assesses content and reserves the right to reject handed out assignments / materials that cannot reflect the specified references. Examples of this could be technical functions that have not been agreed in advance, or content in the form of images, texts and graphic elements. All offers are assessed on the basis of our groupings. All websites or webshops prepared by RELEVO Digital will be watermarked as "Powered by RELEVO Digital". When preparing the new website or webshop, you as a customer will receive a private link to keep up with the status and new corrections made.


All marketing carried out by RELEVO Digital is prepared according to a marketing plan. Depending on the period, a unique strategy will be developed with a focus on “Return of Investment”. Marketing a broad term for which channels and tools we use to give the full effect of results. The customer will always receive a report with how the ongoing marketing channels have worked, as well as a small description / suggestions for how it is planned to organize the upcoming ads, postings or keywords. Depending on the tools we use, we anticipate the customer's responsibility to inform us about the right prices, texts, images, etc. Should a campaign be initiated in which the specified information is to be changed after the advertisement has been initiated and approved by the customer, a fee will be charged for further work. The customer is always responsible for inquiries and processing of all kinds of messages that happen through: website, webshop, social media, email or contact form. RELEVO Digital is not responsible for the communication between the company and its target group.


There is no guarantee about a specific position on Google search engine when entering into agreements around SEO. Since SEO is a long-term investment, it will often reflect the results of visibility after at least 3 months. In collaboration with the customer, we focus on individual keywords that are most appropriate to use, based on our analysis. SEO will always be an ongoing process, which is why improvements will be worked on on an ongoing basis. Often we will also edit the page content including texts against current keywords. The different solutions we offer reflect the results the customer can expect. We always advise the customer with a view to the best visibility and use exclusively tools that we have previously had experience with. Therefore, it may be necessary to use SEO for at least 3 months and up.


The customer must be clearly aware that we do not initiate any tasks before all material has been received and approved, based on ensuring the quality of work and deadlines. All material submitted to RELEVO Digital must, as a minimum, comply with our guidelines in accordance with laws and copyright. We disclaim all liability if information, test materials, images and graphic elements are handed out with spelling errors / Errors or misleading and offensive words. The customer will simply be informed about the materials handed out. It does not appear in the agreement that we must prepare texts, graphic elements etc. The customer must agree on the delivery of materials at the right agreed time according to the deadline agreed for the task. Materials copied from a third party will not be accepted. We allow ourselves to review all handed out material if there is a suspicion of DMCA or Danish copyright. We basically use Dropbox, WeTransfer or e-mail for handing out material from the customer. RELEVO Digital will contact the customer if there are any defects in the handed out material as well as information to complete the task. We anticipate that all material will be delivered to us within 16 days before the delivery deadline.


RELEVO Digital offers a complete payment solution, where all online transactions can easily and painlessly take place through a so-called webshop / E-commerce solution. We allow ourselves to dismiss customers who do not comply with our criteria or review requirements. Possibly. compensation in the form of losses due to lack of information from the customer will not be covered. It is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that all payments from their customers as well as delivery of products always take place within an appropriate action. Our redemption agreements involve a collaboration with PensoPay, which is why in some cases we will not receive the full information from any transaction errors. In addition, we forward information to PensoPay regarding creation. Should any challenges or technical errors arise at any time, this must be notified to seb@relevo.dk

You must, as a minimum, be approved with the following points in order to be approved for payment solution (Note that this is also a guide to information we must use):
- Your company must be registered with a CVR number.
- Trading conditions incl. any delivery conditions and applicable right of withdrawal must be stated.
- Name, Address, E-mail, CVR, Telephone and owner of the company, including contact person
- Presentation of the cards used in the solution.
The page where card information is then entered must be on a secure SSL connection.
- Description of the company must be clear. Including all prices, fees, taxes, fees etc.
- All customers who complete a purchase must receive or be presented with a receipt.
- Before a customer can make a purchase online, they must be able to accept the company's trading conditions.


RELEVO Digital disclaims any liability associated with a loss, due to a technical error or transfer of previous mail to a new mail account. We can re-delegate a domain by entering into an agreement for the production of a CMS system. In relation to changing or re-delegating a domain name, RELEVO Digital disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage of any. mail content etc. RELEVO Digital is not responsible for electronic records located on the customer's web space. We also disclaim any responsibility in transferring a new site to the customer's domain in relation to having to lose placement on the Internet if we have not previously taken care of SEO or other forms of optimization on the site. However, we will always try to transfer any. valuable activities in an appropriate manner. If the customer wishes to make changes to the handed out website, it will be solely at their own risk. We disclaim responsibility for any. changes to the Website if this is not done without our guidance and guidelines. If the customer has products or services from a third party through their agreement with RELEVO Digital, we are not responsible for handling or maintaining these changes that relate to these products.

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All customers undertake to comply with Danish law. In the event of misuse of a subscription or breach of any agreements between the customer and RELEVO Digital, we allow ourselves to reject and block the customer's activities at RELEVO Digital with 3 notifications. Reopening takes place only when it has been documented or otherwise ensured that the unlawful and unethical relationship has been brought into line. Abuse will repeatedly result in termination of agreement without further notice. It is the customer's sole responsibility that the chosen domain name, the content of the website as well as any keywords aimed at search engines (eg Google) etc. does not violate third party law or applicable law. The use of the website must in all circumstances be legal, and it may not, for example, be used to send out SPAM (unsolicited e-mail). RELEVO Digital reserves the right to terminate access to the Website or the mail system without notice in the event of a breach thereof. At the same time, RELEVO Digital reserves the right to close websites that contain smear campaigns. In the event of closure of services due to the sending of SPAM and the like, there is no possibility of refunding the subscription. Reactivation of the website only takes place when the customer has documented that the content and use is legal.


RELEVO Digital has and will always have ownership and intellectual property rights to the result of what appears on the contract and possibly. agreement to be attached. The customer will only obtain the right to use this when payment or transactions have taken place. Below, RELEVO Digital will always have rights to a 3rd party content. As i.a. could be images purchased or used for the customer, videos, graphic elements etc. The customer's right of use and ownership will no longer be valid to terminate upon termination of an agreement or breach of contract. If the systems or services we offer are not used under appropriate guidance or changes occur in a system without prior agreement in writing or email, we will no longer have a duty to further develop any. systems.


Will possibly invoice not paid on time the customer will receive a notice. If the product depends on a service including Payment Solution, RELEVO Digital will terminate the Subscription without notice and will not bear a loss for any lost or lost customers. All ongoing marketing is paid on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in the contract. There will be interest accrual on all invoices that are not paid on time.


The customer may terminate the contract with RELEVO Digital with one month 's notice. Should there be other agreements, the customer must relate to the individual contract, which is signed by both parties.

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