Don’t have an online store yet?


Do you have a physical store and you struggle with sales or you are new in business and want to start an E-commerce?

We can help you to build complete successful store in just 1 week!

See how!

Why you should have online store?

1. No Geographical Limitations

Break the physical barriers
and open to the whole world.

You do not depend on the number of people passing through your street or the number of brochures you have delivered to mailboxes. From the Internet you can sell to everyone in this world and send them emails for free and and in a few seconds.

2. No Opening Hours

Let people buy your
products while you’re asleep

Customers will enjoy the round-the-clock convenience of being able to purchase what they want and when they want it. There aren’t any holidays or closing times, your business is operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

3. Flexible Updates & Offers

Keep up with trends
and don’t be left behind

An online store can be updated as and when you like, at little to no expense. Things like adding new product lines, reorganising your catalogue, or setting up a flash sale can be implemented straight away.

4. Easy Setup and Maintenance

You can manage your store
from anywhere in the world

We work only with the best platforms and technology, so we could deliver outstanding results within a short period of time. We also help you to understand user-friendly interface of these platforms through which you can change anything at anytime from anywhere.

5. Access to Analytics

Understand your customers
and deliver better results

With every project we set up Google Analytics that can give you insights into customer’s behaviour, engagement and their needs. You can find out where most of your customers are coming from, what they search for and use it for targeting them better with more personalised experience.

6. Convenience for Customers

Save time and money
for your customers

They are allowed to buy products or services from their home at any time of day or night. Because of its convenience, consumers can save their lots of time as well as money by searching their products easily and making purchasing online.

7. Get Feedback from Customers

Companies that listen to
their customers grow faster

Customer feedback can be helpful information that you can use to adjust your business to fit their needs more accurately, to build loyalty, measure their satisfaction, or to make them feel important and involved.

Why to choose us?

We are experts in
the world of Ecommerce

We not only have a relevant digital education and many years of experience. We are also digital nomads who grew up with the internet and digital media that are now expertly positioned to design and develop beautiful eCommerce sites that deliver big results.  Besides that we offer also business strategy, marketing and post launch maintenance and support.

More about us

We predict what will happen before it happens

Get affiliated with your own personal advisor

The right skills in-house

365 days support - Chat, mail & phone

We are certified
Shopify Experts

Start your business with expert help
Get your store up-and-running with options ranging from basic theme setup to fully customized solutions.

Increase your sales with expert help
Set up and configure one or more sales channels so you can start selling through social media, via mobile apps and in person.

Reach Your Customers With
Expert Help Improve your search engine rankings and attract more traffic through site content optimizations like better title descriptions, alt tags, and more.

Customize your store with expert help
Edit and optimize images, or add special visual effects to your webshop through custom UX design, coding or graphic elements.

Start selling online within 1 week!

Get started from the start with a complete package solution. Develop a professional e-commerce shop and start sending your orders and receiving your payments within 1 week.

We use the best platforms
to create your store

Get online quickly, easily and securely

User-friendly interface & loading speed

Easy customization with integrated apps

Manage your activities easily on your smartphone

Available support 24/7 - completely free

Automate your webshop - Save time with integrations

Fast, accurate and efficient booking of shipments

Shipment monitor with easy overview of your shipments.

Personal messages, tailored to your company’s identity

Labels are printed automatically upon creation

We make sure all payment
methods are supported

Accept Dankort, Visa and MasterCard globally, from both web and mobile

Get customers to pay installments with Viabill - receive full payment immediately

Get a redemption agreement within 1-3 days

Responsive and user-friendly payment system

Our prices


Suitable for new businesses that want a nice, user-friendly and less complex online store to get off the ground.

Hosting & Domain
Free SSL certificate
Webmail setup
Technical support
Payment gateway setup
User-Friendly Interface

15.000 - 20.000DKK

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Suitable for larger companies that need advanced features or optimizations to increase their leads.

Everything from Basic Plan
Delivery setup
Abandoned checkout
SEO setup by Expert
Email marketing

20.000 - 30.000DKK

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Suitable for companies that want a tailor-made website with strong visual communication and elaborate UX design.

Everything from Advanced Plan
Customized design
Dedicated UX/UI Designer
Personal advisor
Content writing

30.000DKK +

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Suitable for new business that want a simple site with less complexity to get the ball rolling really fast.

Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup

7.500 - 15.000DKK

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Suitable for mid-size businesses with higher traffic sites that want a custom design focused on getting leads and conversion.

Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup

15.000 - 25.000DKK

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Suitable for bigger companies that want to increase the quantity and quality of leads by digital strategy and fully customised design to get ahead of the game.

Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup
Payment gateway setup

25.000DKK +

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All our projects include

User-friendly design
Fast Site Speed
Digital Strategy
Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Hosting & Domain
Free Security Features (SSL)
Webmail setup
Free SEO Optimisation
Technical Support
Website Maintenance

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